Relationships…Make them stick or kick them Forever!

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Relationships are Simple, Relationships are Complex!

Relationships can make our existence worthwhile. Relationships can also make our lives hell! It’s our relationships that take us on a roller coaster ride of emotional excesses and detachment periods. It’s those good ones and  also the suffocating ones that together make a package deal that helps  us appreciate life.

Relationships with our chidlren, with our pets, our parents, our in laws, our bosses, our mentors and our followers,our friends, our belief system and above all with our own self… make us who we are. It is puzzling to see how our relationships change so drastically with different people, as if we were not one whole but parts of many differnt personas.

What is it that makes us react in different ways in our relationships?…. Does it have anything to do with the level of bonding – with blood- with love? Difference I guess  is in the…

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